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TAFA is an AZ Qualifying Charitable Organization!

About Us


Who We Are

 When a child is diagnosed with autism, the family is thrown into a scary world with a complex web of resources.  The Tucson Alliance for Autism (TAFA) is a 501(c)3  non-profit charitable organization that serves as your family’s guide through these often bumpy waters.  We make it our business to know all the resources out there thanks to dedicated and knowledgeable staff and board members.  We are here to ensure that your child gets the best care possible and that families and individuals can address the challenges of a diagnosis with support and confidence. 


Our Why

Just Imagine...

The specialist you have been waiting weeks to meet with informs you that your child has autism. Autism? What do you do? Where do you go? Who do you talk to next?

You look at your helpless child and ask yourself countless questions while the reality of this mysterious disorder begins to sink in. Will he ever walk? Will he ever talk? Will he ever be ‘normal’? Will he ever be able to play sports, have friends, or be self sufficient?

The diagnosis of autism can be extremely devastating. It is scary, mysterious and frustrating. It can be even more frustrating when at nearly every turn you hit road blocks and endless trails of red tape. All you want is to get your child the very best therapy, help and intervention possible.

Tucson families living with autism need a place in which they can be assured their family member is receiving the best possible opportunities in life; a place where they can comfortably network with other families and receive the emotional support they need; a place where they can learn of cutting edge therapies and interventions for their family member with autism; a place where they can educate themselves; a place where they can feel comfortable and welcome.



In May of 2005, local parents, family members, community leaders and business professionals converged to focus their collective energies into meeting the needs of the local autism community.  Through their hard work and commitment, the Tucson Alliance for Autism opened its doors to serve the autism community. By first providing comprehensive autism evaluations and then social skills groups, summer day camps, and a resource library, the Tucson Alliance for Autism has grown to be a recognizable resource for individuals and families in the autism community.