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TAFA is an AZ Qualifying Charitable Organization!


TAFA is an AZ Qualifying Charitable Organization!

Tucson Alliance for Autism

COVID-19 Update

With safety precautions in place, TAFA will reopen for Evaluations and Consultations beginning June 1st.

At times like this, communication is key. We will continue to keep you updated by email, social media, and on our website.


Autism Evaluations

Tucson Alliance for Autism conducts comprehensive evaluations of ASD that include a direct interactive assessment of the client and extensive developmental history and historical perspective from parents.  Evaluations are conducted by a licensed psychologist and licensed clinical social worker with several decades of combined experience.  

Social Thinking/Social Communication Groups

Social Thinking/Social Communication groups address how one builds their ability to engage and negotiate the social interactions essential in everyday life. Meetings, which are facilitated by licensed, certified professionals, help participants explore/understand perspective taking (the ability to understand another person’s point of view) as well as developing strategies to address breakdowns in communication.  

Support Groups

Many people find peer support a helpful tool for sharing strategies, relating personal experiences and listening to and accepting others' experiences.  The Tucson Alliance for Autism hosts several free support groups for Parents, Spouses and Adults with ASD,  

Our Mission

 To promote community awareness and provide diagnostic and therapeutic services for individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD); to educate and support professionals and families on ASD-related issues; to support and provide resources for families; to stimulate research and represent the best interests of the autism community in Tucson and its surrounding areas.