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Social Thinking/Social Communication Groups

Social Thinking/Social Communication Groups are designed to support Elementary, Middle School, High School and Young Adults.  Groups address how one builds their ability to engage and negotiate the social interactions essential in everyday life. 

Social Connections Through Play Group

Social Connections Through Play Groups are designed to support children ages 4-7 with a variety of delays and challenges and engage them in learning social skills in a play-based format.

Adaptive Social Thinking/Social Communication Groups

Designed to support middle and high school age teens on the autism spectrum who present with classic symptoms of ASD and have significant challenges with communication, adaptive behavior and social interaction.

Comprehensive Autism Evaluations

Tucson Alliance for Autism conducts comprehensive evaluations of ASD that include a direct interactive assessment of the client and extensive developmental history and historical perspective from parents. 


 Assessment of Intellectual Ability of preschool age children through adulthood examining intellectual skills within the domains of verbal comprehension, fluid reasoning, visual spatial aptitude, working memory and processing speed.


Assessments of Cognitive Ability of children and adults measuring general knowledge, long-term memory, short-term memory, visual-spatial aptitude, auditory processing, fluid reasoning, quantitative knowledge and processing speed.


Assessments of Academic Achievement measuring achievement of children and adults in the domains of reading to include basic reading skills, reading comprehension and reading fluency, written language to include writing mechanics, written expression and writing fluency and skills in mathematics to include math calculation, math problem solving and math fluency.


Behavioral/Individual/Parent Consultations target specific areas of concerns; One to one sessions; Individual goal setting

Educational Consultations include School Observation; Teacher Training; Para-professional training; Attend and/or participate in school meetings