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Sibling Group

Sibling Group

This group is designed for pre-teen and teen siblings and friends of a person with autism spectrum disorder.  Participants will develop an understanding of autism spectrum disorder and the unique challenges people with ASD face on a daily basis. 

Participants will develop communication and behavior strategies to improve interactions with people with ASD and, ultimately, develop a deeper empathy for all people with differences.

Groups will be capped at 6 students to maximize small group learning.

  •  Registration fee is $50, or $25 if participant has a sibling with ASD currently attending, or registered for, a TAFA Social Thinking Group
  • NO client will be placed in a group without registration and payment prior to the start of class. 
  • Groups are 4 week sessions, meeting weekly
  • If we do not have a minimum of four students per class, the class will be cancelled.
  • Limited financial assistance is available.

Meeting Schedule

 *In response to Coronavirus developments  the next session has been postponed 

until Stay at Home Orders are lifted* and will meet weekly on Thursdays from 5-6pm.  A second group may be established depending on registrations received.