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Social Thinking/Social Communication Groups


Social Thinking/Social Communication Groups - (Register Below)

 *In response to Coronavirus developments  the next session has been postponed 

until Stay at Home orders are lifted*

Social Thinking/Social Communication groups address how one builds their ability to engage and negotiate the social interactions essential in everyday life. Meetings which are facilitated by licensed, certified professionals help participants explore/understand perspective taking (the ability to understand another person’s point of view) as well as developing strategies to address breakdowns in communication. 

Middle School, High School and Young Adult groups will explore specific topics that include, but are not limited to, the integration of verbal and non-verbal cues, problem solving techniques, decision making skills and safety awareness. 

​The elementary school groups will focus on social thinking, social reciprocity, emotional regulation, developing skills for making and keeping friends as well as recognizing safety concerns.

Fee: $225 (plus one time registration fee of $25 for new clients) 8 week session 

Social Thinking/Social Communications Groups are an ESA Eligible expense. 

***PLEASE NOTE*** Group schedules below are variable and may change depending on the number of students registered.  Please call TAFA to confirm dates and times.

Elementary ages– Tuesdays 
Middle School Ages – Wednesdays
High School Ages – Thursdays 

Young Adult Group* – Thursdays

*Participants will be grouped by the instructor according to a variety of factors including age and perspective taking level


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